Below are some important Lehman Township Administrative Information

Tax Collector
Bonnie Wargo 570-431-6588
Board of Auditors
Diane Hinson George Kelly Michael Temple

Planning Commission

  • Peter Contino – Chairman
  • Kathleen Simoncic – Vice Chairman
  • Roy Borgfeld – Secretary
  • Cynthia Lynch
  • Jeff Porter
  • MaryAnn Conza – Alternate
  • Zoning Hearing Board
    • Joe¬†Peritore – Chairman
    • Joe Galayda
    • Joe Scibetta
    • Art Garris – Alternate
    • Staff
      Sec/Treas: Robert H. Rohner Jr.
      Assistant Secretary: MaryAnn Conza
      Public Works Director: Tim Rohner
      Sewage Enforcement Officer: Ed Bland
      Atlernate Sewage Enforcement Officer: James Conza
      Code Enforcement Officer: Ed Bland
      Zoning Officer: Stan Whittaker
      Alternate Zoning Officer: Ed Bland
      Solicitor: Robert Bernathy
      Zoning & Water Authority Solicitor: Donald Karpowich
      Township Engineer: Jon Tresslar Boucher & James
      Director of Emergency Management: Ed Bland
      Fire Chief: Alex DiPaolo
      Public Works: Edward Dickison Timothy Rohner Aaron Springs Bill Duffy Walter Conza Daniel Medrano Jr. and Ryan Murphy.