For the protection of the public welfare, as well as the individual, the Township follows Zoning Ordinances. If you are planning a project, please contact the Township Office to see if a permit is required. Failure to obtain proper permits may cause unnecessary hardships to you and the township. Well and Sewage Permits should be picked up at the township building. Multiple carbon-copy forms are necessary when filing.

Permits are required by the Township for, but not limited to the following: new construction, additions, sheds, fences and structural alterations. Permits are required regardless of size and location. Permits are issued by the Zoning Officer after a plan is completely reviewed. Please allow up to ten days for processing.

NOTE: On-Line permits are provided for reference of information that is needed when filing actual permits with the township.

Septic and Well

WellTo begin the process of obtaining a well permit in Lehman Township, you must submit the following:1. A well application completed and signed by the owner(s).

2. The well drillers name and address must be on the application.

3. A check for one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) payable to Lehman Township.

4. Three copies of a plot plan drawn “to scale” showing the exact well location by the measured distances (in feet) to the two (2) closest property lines. The well “setbacks” must also be shown on the plot plan.

Any questions, please call the Lehman Township Sewage Enforcement Officer for a copy of the well ordinance.

Septic / Sewage Enforcement To begin the process of obtaining an on lot sewage disposal / septic permit in Lehman Township you must submit the following:1. An application for an on lot sewage / septic disposal system permit, (FORM 362-FM-WQ0290 Rev. 5/97). Fill out all of Part 1 and have the OWNER(S) sign the bottom of the application.

2. A copy of a deed or bill of sale for your property, to establish ownership.

3. A Lehman Township Trespass Waiver signed by the owner(s) of the property.

4. A check in the amount of four hundred and fifty dollars ($450.00) payable to Lehman Township.

5. An original, sealed survey of the property completed within three (3) years of the date of application.

All Testing Must be scheduled with the Lehman Township Sewage Enforcement Officer.

Due to multiple carbons, call to request the Septic Permit Application from Lehman Township at:

193 Municipal Drive,Bushkill, Pike County, Pennsylvania 18324
Phone:(570) 588-9365